My computer has unexpectedly and frustratingly started working like crap

So I have this laptop, about four months old, fresh out of the box. It works fantastically for anything you could imagine, anything at all, or at least it should. I was playing a game, and, in a matter of about three seconds, my framerate went to zero, and if negatives were possible, it would be there. I just restarted it expecting it to fix, but nope. Then I find out it happens on every game I have, which is a good number. Minesweeper literally takes about two seconds to register a click, and that makes me sad.

My keyboard lights also stopped turning on.

I don't really know how to fix this.

My processor is an Intel i7 4500 1.8/2.4 ghz
graphics is nvidia geforce gt745m

I don't know what else I need to put, so let me know. Thanks in advance for even looking at this.
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  1. Hi, it will be easier for you to go where you bought the laptop and let them look at the problem.
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    download something like slimdrivers first could be an easy fix. it will update your drivers automatically, is free, and is good clean software. You may have to update your gt745m drivers on the nvidia website
  3. Beezy's solution worked, thank you.
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