Connect android tablet to wireless using Tenda USB W322U Wireless-N Reciever / AP?

I've been trying to connect a tablet to my home's LAN by plugging in my Tenda W322U Wireless-n to my Windows 7 computer and share the internet using Internet Bridging (I've tried using ICS and it thows a port in use error (I think that error is caused by the Tenda software (Version 1 (No other versions seem to work.)))) but my Android tablet and Nintendo Wii cannot connect!
Sometimes, by re-enabling and disabling the Bridge and Unplugging the USB WLAN Adapter, the tablet will connect and have internet access, untill the next time the software is close, the computer is sleeped or restarted, the tablet can no-longer connect again (it goes through the "Obtaining IP Address" loop and eventually shows a message saying "Avoided poor Connection") Static IP doesn't help either it connects, but there is no internet access...
I never had this issue before I had to re install my computer because of a virus that deletes all photos stored in the computer. I used internet Bridging and all the things above, but now it doesn't work. I have tried just about anything that I can find on the Internet, but nothing seems to help... :??:
Note: that any alternate software doesn't work either...

Tablet | Thompson QM734-8G with Android 4.2.2
Computer | Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
USB WLAN Reciever / AP | Tenda W322U Wireless-N Router with Default Tenda Software on AP Mode | Details;
Configuration Version: Boot Version: Firmware Version: 0.4 (This is the version that came with the product, a week ago, the newer version did work, but one reboot, and it stopped working again... (I made no change to the computer in that time that I'm aware of)) The details tab on the Tenda Software IP Address often switches between "", "<blank>" or an "" address...

I will add more debug details and information when it's asked for...

Thank you for any help in advance, this has been very frustrating...
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  1. Why are you trying to connect the tablet to the PC instead of directly to the router's WiFi? If you don't have a router, get one, having a computer connected directly to a modem is not a good idea for security.
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