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I recently bought an MSI GE70 machine which it has the onboard GPU (intel) and the Nvidia Geforce 765M.
I tried multiple times to make the nvidia card primary but still nothing. I disable the Intel from the Device Manager, the screen goes black, it reboots and I see no graphic card applied on the system(When I can see the nvidia runs properly on the device manager). If Intel goes off the nvidia goes off as well.
I have experimented in every way with the drivers on both and still nothing. Unistalled drivers, reinstalled both from manufacturer, nothing. Reinstalled from the intel and nvidia sites, nothing. At any order.
Checked the BIOS and I cant configure any GPU from there. I dont know if it plays any role but my BIOS supports UEFI and Legacy mode and my OS was Windows 8.1 and I downgraded it on Windows 7. (I couldnt configure the GPU when I had Windows 8.1 also, dunno if that matters or not).
I have tried every google post or video tutorial you are going to post from google.
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  1. When running games or more gpu intensive programs the Nvidia GPU should take over through Nvidia Optimus (depends on the settings in the Nvidia control panel)

    For everything else, the Intel HD will be running just fine and saves power/battery, there's no real need to try to get rid of the Intel HD since the most common result is a black screen
  2. You should have a Turbo GPU mode button at the top center area of your keyboard, that is designed for switching back and forth between integrated and discrete. Have you used that button? Sorry if it's a dumb question, but you never know! :D
  3. On higher battery performance and the turbo button everything goes fast. However the transition from my desktop to notebook is going slowly since I always used nvidia on desktop and I was more than fine I thought its needed specially on laptop. I have so many programs to run and I doubt I will point 1 by 1 for the optimus to run them. I know about the battery life if I use the nvidia also.
    jimthenagual, if you mean the function key which switches your display output mode between the LCD and external monitor, yes I did. Still nothing

    My question still remains how to make the nvidia card primary. If there is no a way I will like to hear this as well so I can stop researching all the internet!
  4. In terms of running everything off the Nvidia chip, just go to the Nvidia control panel and set the "High Performance Nvidia Processor" as the default for running all programs

    If you're wanting to disable the Intel chip permanently and purely run off of the Nvidia chip, as far as I'm aware I haven't seen a way of doing that (sorry), running the Intel chip should also lengthen the lifespan of that Nvidia GPU
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