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Hi! My name is Rudy, I am building a gamming computer for my son with: i7 4770k processor, 512 ssd drive, 3gb hd, MSI lga 1150 MPOWER mother board, 16gb ddr3 2133 MHz ram, 1080w power supply, NZXT Kraken X60 cooler and XZXT Phantom 410 tower case. But I can't make a decision on the proper graphics card. Can anybody make a good recommendation based on the components I am using? Thanks
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  1. GTX 780 and only ssd 250 GB Samsung 840 EVO not 512GB
  2. What's your budget?
  3. Give a budget, as the rest of your build is al pretty high end, i'd just suggest going with a 780ti to top it all off for max single card performance
  4. Honestly your son doesnt need the 4770k, go with the 4670k to save $100...basically what you are saying with this build is that you are made of money and don't really care about the price
  5. GTX770 and up maybe GTX780(Ti) looking at all the other high class components. Resolution that he will be gaming at really will be the deciding factor.
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    Yes, don't buy the 4770k for gaming, don't go over 8gb's of Ram either. If the 2133mhz set isn't much more than an 1866mhz or 1600mhz set, that's great, but do not pay a price premium for it. Also, make sure you aren't getting anything over CAS 9(or possibly CAS 10 for the 2133mhz set).

    There simply isn't any reason to spend the extra 100 dollars on the cpu over a 4670k. The performance gains aren't there. Same with going over 8gb's of Ram, and same for the speed of the Ram.

    With the money you save there, you should be able to afford the next tier up in video card, which will make a difference. For these parts, I wouldn't go below an nVidia 770, or Amd 280x. Ideally, I'd like to see a Radeon 290 or nVidia 780 or higher.
  7. You didn't list the make and model of the psu, the psu is a very important part and a low quality psu can ruin the whole system.
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