PS4 HDMI -> Display Port

I have this cable:

And this monitor:

When i hook them up and power on the ps4 i get no signal, please help. I've already tried putting it on my old tv changing the resolution down to 480p and then trying it no luck.
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  1. You are running into a HDCP problem. You must use HDMI for the PS4. So buy a DVI-D to HDMI cable and it will then work,enjoy...
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    make sure you are on the right input, otherwise the ps4 needs to use a pure hdmi-hdmi cable and you are simply out of luck
  3. Thanks for your quick response both of you but scooby my cable supports hdcp and so does the monitor if you look in the specs on both websites if I am still incorrect I will pick you as solution.
  4. I had the same situation ... I bought an hdmi converter it has rca and t-link sound inputs
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