Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 heatsink fan questions.

OK, so the CPU fan needs replacing and I have some questions.

1) Can I replace it with a case fan with specs that are close to the original fan? The original fan is 80 x 80 x 20 mm. 4 pin 12V variable speed. Having a hard time finding a case fan that is only 20 mm. thick as 25 mm. seems to be the standard now and the 25 mm. fans block the mounting bracket screws.

2) Another possibility if I cannot locate a fan is to replace the heatsink and fan altogether. I am considering the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO but read that depending on your chipset it may require the motherboard to be removed to install a mounting bracket. This would be a problem for me as I am a proficient PC guy but am hampered by a neurological problem which has left me with hand tremors. So does anyone know if the Cooler Master heatsink can be installed on the existing heatsink brackets of the LGA 775 CPU socket?

3) Some temperature range questions. As I sit here typing my CPU's are averaging 41C. I am using a program called Core Temp and the range it shows for the heat on the PC over the last couple hours is a low of 39C and a high of 72C. What is the safe range for this chipset?

Some added info... the fan was so clogged up that it quit working a week ago causing the PC to shut down. I pulled out the fan and cleaned it and have it back in now. The fan has been on continually since 2007 so I am surprised it has lasted this long.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 72°C is bad news. B1, B2, and B3 steppings start throttling at 62C. G0 and M0 steppings start at 71C.
  2. You could buy an arctic alpine heat sink and fan for socket 775 delivered to you door for a few bucks and it fits in like the standard one with push pins. Be careful to get the 95 watts one. It is also quieter than the stock fan as a smidge bigger and comes with thermal paste applied. 72 is not good, even for the later g0 stepping q6600.
  3. You could cable tie a case fan to the top of the existing fan. Bit of a bodge but its better than a bonfire.
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    Try searching for "80mm 20mm fan" at Amazon. Here's a sample:
    Here's one:
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