CPU problem. Red light on CPU and CPU cooling unit will not activate when i turn on the power.

I run an 8 core 9370 FX CPU, I plugged my computer in and hit the switch on the back of the power supply (RM650) and my video card (ASUS R9270-DC2OC-2GD5) light turns green and i have a green light on the motherboard (ASUS M5A99FX) Nothing happens with the CPU and the Corsair light does not come on (with an AMD model the FX led just flashes rather then staying on like it normally does) (i know it is not a problem with the cooling unit as i have replaced the cooling unit after the problem started and nothing changed. When I turn the computer on i get a red light on the CPU and the cooling unit does not acitvate. (neither of the fans run. i can't hear liquid flowing though i know its in there as it is a sealed unit) After i cut power i can almost smell burning plastic.
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  1. that cpu isnt supported on that board even though its listed. it requires specific cooling requirements befor its installed as its only a 140w socket trying to run a 220w cpu.
    my guess is thats where the smell of burning plastic is coming from, a melting socket.
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