need help selecting mobo atx/ matx first build

i need help selecting a motherboard
the cpu i'v selected is the i5 3570 non k
mem/ ram 8gbs corsair vengeance dual channel

now i cannot decide between atx or micro atx
now i don't plan on ocing not interested in so,
also i like the idea of sli / crossfire but if i do that i may need to oc my cpu which i am unwilling todo so guess no ocing or sli/ crossfire oh well just means i can upgrade a single gpu :)

ok i have my eyes set on a p8z77-m non pro for my motherboard at the moment it seems to fit my needs single gpu & no ocing. but i like the idea of sli/ crossfire but i'm unwilling :/

also low profile ram or not?
this is my first build to get into pc gaming :)

possible build

i5 3570 non k
p8z77-m non pro
8gb dual channel corsair vengeance low profile ram
evga gt 640 2gb ddr3
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    Get a M-ATX since you don't need all these other expansion slots. The motherboard would be slightly cheaper. You can also fit into a M-ATX casing which is smaller and also cheaper. The CPU technology moves very fast so by next year, what you bought would be obsoleted. By then you will have one or two years of gaming experience to decide if you need a ATX motherboard to use those extra expansion slots.
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