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Hello, I was considering buying the Zotac GTX 760 GPU. I was reading the reviews and people were talking about overheating problems. I was wondering if there was a way to keep it from overheating.
Here is the link to the GPU:

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  1. There are typically two ways to avoid that. One, dont buy zotac in almost any case. And 2 get a non reference cooler.
    EVGAs ACX cooler or ASUSs DCUII are the two best 760s on the market for the most part.
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    Zotac isn't necessarily the problem, it's that reference blower style cooler. Blower style are always more noisy and cool worse than open air fans like most after market solutions are. Avoid blower styles as much as you can as the only positive is that they exhaust all heat outside of the case at the expense of running a much hotter card.
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