BIOS text messed up and lines on screen after nvlddmkm driver crash

So earlier today my GPU was humming along nicely, was playing a game, and the GPU was kept nice and cool with the fans and everything, then for some reason the game crashed.

I didn't think much of it, so I restarted, but not 5 minutes in everything froze. I held the power button down to force a hardware restart since nothing else worked, and when I got to the BIOS screen.. it was a mess.

Everything it normally displays was way out of whack. There were 0s everywhere in a grid like pattern, and any and all info was just a jumbled mess of characters, special characters, and numbers. I tried to just let it boot into windows, and everything went okay, but then where it'd normally flash the windows logo nothing happened, the screen fell asleep, then flashed back to life with a bluescreen citing the nvlddmkm.sys graphics driver.

I've gotten that a few times before in the past so I wasn't that surprised, and tried rebooting. Exact same result.

So I went into safe mode, to which I'm typing this in, and it's generally okay. The only thing I notice is some very faint, repeating black lines in the background. Here's a screenshot.

Any time I try to boot, it gives the same result, so I tried booting into Linux mint 16 with cinnamon, 64 bit. It gave a bunch of white lines(not nearly as faint as the blue ones) and was stuck at the logo. So I tried compatibility mode, and it started spitting out some kind of heavily jumbled errors, the most I caught was an I/O error and something about squash, so I surrendered on that front.

If anyone could help with this, it'd be greatly appreciated, I'm at my wits end with this. If any more info is needed, just say so and I'll do what I can to get it.
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  1. Was able to get out of safe mode by deleting nvlddmkm.sys, but still getting graphical errors, and without that file I can't do much of anything graphical(even Unity3d won't run),

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