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I have two GTX Titan cards and a socket 1150 I7. The cards when benchmarked reach 80c and the CPU 45c. The CPU is water cooler but the Titans stock. Is this ok or to high?
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  1. Plenty fine, anything under 90C is good.

    I suggest you go and up the temperature target to 96C, this avoids the card throttling when it doesn't have to. Of course, you want to avoid it getting to that temperature, so make a custom fan curve that allows it to hover in the mid-80's, a fan speed of about 65-70% should do this but since you are in SLI maybe more. All of this can be done in MSI Afterburner if you don't already have it.
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    Well the titan temps seem fine considering they are in SLI and sandwiched together. Even a single titan being benchmarked would hit temps near 80 by itself. The CPU temps seems a little high considering it is water cooled and the titans are blower style, external exhaust coolers meaning the case air temp should be low. That said 45C is perfectly safe for a CPU to run at. You can try to re apply paste to the CPU if you are super picky about temps, but everything is operating well within what it is capable of.
  3. Thank you so much. I downloaded Corsair Link and adjusted the water cooler I am now at a steady 32-33o That is while I am playing games at max settings. Thank you so much
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