How to provide both sound and video to a smart TV from a PC

I have a Samsung smart TV that is hooked to my desktop PC. I can place video on the TV, but can only provide sound from the PC speakers. I would like to use the TV speakers.
Can I do this without replacing my PC graphics card with a $140 Dual HDMI graphics card?
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  1. Just use the HDCP HDMI on the tv to the computer. What graphics does the computer have? You are going to get better sound from the computer speakers buy the way.
  2. HDMI carries audio, theres no reason for it to not work. Simply unplug whatever other speakers are being used instead, or disable them in the playback devices section of the audio control in Windows.
  3. as long as your connected through the hdmi to the tv you can output both. i would check your audio settings in the computer to make sure its outputting sound via hdmi and not something else
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    hdmi 1.4 should have audio. hdmi 2.0 has 32+channel audio.
    if you still cant get audio through it because your tv doesnt support it(it should by now).
    you can run an audio lead from the pc audio out at the back (much cleaner than using the front jacks) to the tv is the tv supports it.
    or do as above said.
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