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Currently i have Processor: AMD fx 8120 Black edition,
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO
Graphic: SAPPHIRE radeon HD 6870
Ram: 8gb DDR3
I want to buy a additional graphic card to work for premier pro & davinci resolve. Main intention is for digital film process. My budget is 250-300$. please suggest a graphic card according to my current specs. Thanks in advance.
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    it seems that you already have a graphics card, you could always buy another 6870 and crossfire it to save some money. If you want a new card entirely, then you could get a GTX 760 or a R9 270X.
  2. And sell away your 6870 to get some money back.
  3. this is where nvidia wins coz of the cuda cores. suggest a 760 or 270x & if u can strech a lil more 770 the beast
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