Problems with installing Radeon HD5450 sapphire HDMI driver can anyone help?

I have replaced my old Nvidea graphics card with a sapphire Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3. My computer recognized the hardware. However, when I try to install the driver for the graphics card I cannot. I do not know why it's happening.

By the way here is some info on my comp.
Windows Vista 64 bit
HP Pavilion Slimline s3012n Desktop PC
intel premium dual core

I know the problem isn't the psu since I replaced it. What can I do to find out the problem or fix it?

Update Edit (01/19/2014) : Solution found Look at my last post at the bottom of this page (I couldn't pick my answer as the solution so I picked a random one just so this thread can be classified as solved and hopefully this thread will be found by people who need help)
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    uninstall the nvidia graphics first (from control panel programs (add/remove))

    edit: and get the latest drivers for 5xxx series from
  2. laviniuc said:
    uninstall the nvidia graphics first (from control panel programs (add/remove))

    edit: and get the latest drivers for 5xxx series from

    I have uninstalled the nvidea drivers using the control panel, but I still can't install the sapphire Radeon HD 5450 driver. I keep getting the message

    AMD Display Driver
    Final status: Fail
    Version of item:
    Size: 90 Mbytes

    HDMI audio driver
    Final status: Fail
    Version of item:
    Size: 1 Mbytes

    I would be happy to provide more information about my computer and the graphics card if it would make solving the problem easier to any who can help.
  3. check the detailed logs maybe they say why the install failed
  4. I clicked on view logs, although I don't know if that is the detailed logs you mentioned on the previous post and all i got was this. It just tells me that it failed in installing the driver
    Hardware information
    Name AMD Radeon Graphics Processor
    Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device ID 0x68e4
    Vendor ID 0x1002
    Class Code 0x030000
    Revision ID 0x00
    Subsystem ID 0x5450
    Subsystem vendor ID 0x174b
    Other hardware

    Existing packagesAMD Catalyst Install Manager
    AMD APP SDK Runtime
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x64)
    AMD Catalyst Control Center

    Packages for install
    AMD Display DriverFinal Status: Fail
    Version of Item:
    Size: 90 Mbytes
    HDMI Audio DriverFinal Status: Fail
    Version of Item:
    Size: 1 Mbytes

    Other detected devices

    Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device ID 0xaa68
    Vendor ID 0x1002
    Class Code 0x040300
    Revision ID 0x00
    Subsystem ID 0xaa68
    Subsystem vendor ID 0x174b

    Error messages
    Driver Install: the installation failed
    Driver Install: the installation failed
  5. My display manager says I'm using the standard VGA graphics adapter and not the Radeon, maybe is that the problem?
  6. I have also checked the display driver and it says
    Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

    You need to restart your computer before the changes you made to this device will take effect.

    Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

    Actually now it's saying error code 10

    Anyways thanks to anyone who is taking the time to read this and help
  7. I finally did it! I'm not exactly what step made it work so I'll just list out what I did. I did the regular things first like uninstalling the old driver, shutting off, adding the graphics card, and then trying to install the driver but it kept giving me the same error. My computer also wouldn't recognize my graphic card as the AMD Radeon. On the devices manager (Computer>system properties>device manager>display adapter) it only saw it as a standard video graphics adapter and it kept installing a default driver so I right clicked it and uninstalled it but after I restarted it, it turned back into Video Graphics Adapter. Then I looked up somewhere that you could stop it by right clicking on computer > properties > advanced system settings (in the upper left) > Hardware Tab > Windows Update Driver Settings > change it to "ask you everytime". ( at this point may I also say that I had the driver software downloaded from this site on my desktop I then went to device manager and tried to update the Video Graphic adapter and I just had it browsed to the (Computer>HP>AMD) folder. It still wouldn't work. I then booted up the computer on safe mode (press 8 when the computer is just beginning to turn on but before the windows emblem pops up) I went to update it again on the same folder - failure again. I then went to programs and features and fund I still had an NVidea driver for the ethernet. I uninstalled that and (without restarting the comp) updated the display adapter and it automatically recognized the graphic card as the AMD Radeon HD 5450. I restarted on normal mod and it worked. The Nvidea driver was probably blocking the install I guess. Anyways in short if you get to the same point as me

    1.) Download this software onto desktop . (If you do not have the AMD folder in Computer>HP then open it) It doesn't matter if the installation fails as long as you have the AMD folder under HP

    2.) Go to Computer>System properties>Device manager>Display adapter>VGA graphics adapter and right click uninstall and click the box to delete it. If your computer starts to reinstall the adapter go to device manager find it while its installing and right click and update it. Click browse folder and browse it to the AMD folder under Computer>HP> (if it fails its okay)

    3.) restart the computer on safe mode (F8) when the computer turns on and choose safe mode (just keep tapping F8 when the computer starts to turn on if you're not sure how to enter safe mode)

    4.) If it starts to reinstall the Display adapter do the same thing in step 2

    5.) Go to programs and features, search for drivers and unistall the Nvidea driver only.

    6.) update the driver like in step 2 and it should work.

    7.) Shut down the computer and turn it on normally.

    (although the thing preventing the install was probably the Nvidea driver in step 5, I' listed out what I did just in case I'm wrong)
    After around 4 days of googling for help on tom's hardware, going to best buy, and other sites it finally worked! Good luck to anyone who encounters this problem and hope this helps.
    (By the way Best Buy told me that my Psu was not enough but they were wrong and I would have had to spend a lot more money for another psu and probably still have the same problem)
    Also here are my system specs again. (If your system matches mine or is close to mine and you have the same problem then this may thread may help you and I hope it does)
    hp slimline s3720y
    Windows vista 64-bit
    Processor: Pentium(R) Dualo Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
    4 GB RAM
    320 watt PSU
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