Please help choosing CPU cooler.

Hi guys,

I'm upgrading my PC to a new case soon the fractal design define r4. So I've decided to upgrade my CPU cooler from the stock cooler for am3+ (amd phenom x4) at the same time

I've previously looked at the noctua nh-l12.

Can you guys recommended any good CPU coolers? I have a budget of around £45 but this can be stretched to £50.

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    a cheaper option. Definitely d14 is better but i don't like its design.
  2. Noctua NH-D14 is one of the best air coolers for your money. Allows you to overclock the CPU pretty high (if you want it and if your motherboard supports it).

    @2 - 212 EVO is a good cooler, but for basic purpose only. In no way it matches that of Noctua and does not allow decent enough overclocks. Its still quite weak.
  3. The have looked at the cooler master before I didn't really know much about it.

    As for the nh-d14. It has a large price tag is there another cooler you know of? I don't plan on overclocking I just would like a quiet cooler that will keep my CPU cool whilst playing games.
  4. evo 212 cooler master is a great cooler for your needs.
  5. Hyper 212 Evo

    The best for your needs then. Or wait, no overclocking? Why are you even upgrading the cooler then? Stock coolers are good enough to let you play games while managing the temperatures quietly since they are designed for stock clocks. In my opinion, don't upgrade the cooler as Define R4 is a very quiet case with fantastic airflow, with that, you wont even need any sort of cooler at all since it would keep things extra quiet and cool.
  6. OK thank you guys. Just one more question is the evo better than the 212 plus? I just want to make sure I'm getting the right one. Also can the fan be upgraded if I want it quiter?
  7. In answer to your question luckiest charm. I'm upgrading because the stock cooler I have is reaching a point where it is well worn and it has become particularly loud and the cooling is not brilliant either
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    Then 212 EVO is way better than 212 Plus.

    If its worn out then 212 EVO is the best choice for your needs.
  9. Hyper 212 evo is a great cooler, but unless you have had heat issues with the build before, I wouldnt spend the money on an aftermarket cooler until you decide to upgrade to another processor.
  10. Jeremy - He said that his stock cooler is worn out and is too loud and irritating now. So I guess he needs and deserves a new cooler. :)
  11. There is really no such thing as a cooler"wearing out". The fans could go bad, or the heatsink could need cleaning. There could also be an issue with the thermal paste, But, most likely, if the cpu has not had issues before, the heat sink just needs a good cleaning. Spending a few bucks on a can of air. and removing the heatsink fan(usually 4 screws) to blow it out properly, is better than spending an extra ~ 30 dollars(US) on a new cooler, in my opinion anyways. OP, can, you please give us some info into why you think your stock cooler is "worn out"?
  12. Well I too had some issues with my cooler 2 years ago on old Pentium D.
    It was producing shrill loud noise, one would give anyone a headache. It was certain that its the cooler since removing it killed the noises (Although PC won't boot) and replacing it was the ideal choice at that time since using a portable vacuum cleaner to blow the dust did no good. It was related to fans malfunctioning or rubbing with something I was not able to figure out. Although rare, but machinery tends to go bad sometimes.
  13. I have an old Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 at 2.5GHz, and I'm thinking to over-clock it to 4GHz using a 3rd party cooler. I've tried over-clocking on stock cooler up to a stable 3.55GHz. What is a suitable cooler for E5200? I don't need expensive technologies for the 2009 processor.

    When I buy the new CPU cooler, what can I do with the Intel stock cooler? Throw it away?
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