How can you make an OEM Win 8.1 USB Install Key?

Heya guys!

The title should say it all. After running windows 8, erm, enterprise, while I saved up funds, I was now able to purchase windows 8.1. I've got an OEM CD and CD key, and I'm trying to put it onto a USB stick and make that stick bootable.

I tried the method google prompts, using the windows 8 install media creator, but it only works if you have a full key, not an OEM key.

I'm just looking to create an ISO of the disk, stick it on a USB drive, and make that drive bootable. That shouldn't be too horrible, should it?
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  1. you may have a few issues. dell and hp oem cd look for dell and hp bios. with windows 8 pc now most of the oem numbers are flashed into the bios of the vendor motherboards. yu can try downloading the full iso from digital rivers and see if the standard windows iso will take your oem. if not your better off returning it for a retail oem disk.
    if you do have the retail oem windows iso to usb tool should work fine.
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    You should be able to create an ISO with something like Imgburn then use the Windows 7 DVD/USB download tool to create a bootable USB.

    Imgburn -
    Windows 7 USB/DVD tool -
  3. Have you tried YUMI to create your bootable drive?
    Software to set up your Flash Drive

    Scroll down to 'Download YUMI'
    Insert your Pendrive and note it's Drive Letter (Important!)
    Run the software once downloaded
    Select the correct Drive Letter
    Scroll down the list of Distros to 'Windows Vista/7/8
    Browse to the location of your ISO (Desktop)?
    It should look something like this

    Boot from your Flash and when you get to 'Where do you want to Install Windows' screen, choose Drive Options (Advanced) to delete all partitions on your Drive and install to Unallocated Space for best results.
  4. Thanks guys, got it working!

    Can't believe I didn't think of trying windows 7's tool - I just presumed it wouldn't work.
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