Building for Video Editing/Rendering with Sony Vegas & Adobe CS6

I am looking into building a new computer for video editing. My current setup is as follows:

CPU: Q6600 @ 3.2GHz
RAM: 8GB PC8500 Dominator @ 533MHz (1066 DDR)
MB: Gigabyte EP-45UD3P
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
GPU: Gigabyte nVidia GTX 580 (1536)

I edit in 1920x1080 and render to either Sony AVC (Blu Ray) or Mainconcept MPEG-2 (DVD). My issue is that encoding is brutally slow... My renders take about 3.5 hours per movie (these are anywhere from 45 - 75 minutes in length). Sometimes shorter clips (approx 6 minutes) can take around an hour depending effects.

In adobe, it is after effects that drives me nuts. A 10 second motion menu takes about 6 minutes to render. Some projects have about 10 menus with transitions going to and from them. This makes rendering a 3 minute menu take many hours! I render these to Quicktime Animation.

I would like my rendering to be much faster because there are times that I have to wait for renders (like rendering menus and transitions) and it gets annoying. I can definitely deal with what I have now, but a faster workflow would be great!

It seems like right now the top chips are 4770K ($280), FX 8350/8320 ($190/$140), & 4930K ($530). Although there are more components in the system, the primary differences will be CPU price and a premium on Quad Channel DDR3 and X79 Motherboard.

My budget will be around $2000, but that would be only for an Ivy-E build. If it doesn't make sense to build that way, then something around $1400 would be great. This is part of my issue. I cannot find anything concrete that says that a hex core Intel makes a difference over a Quad core (or AMD Octa-core). I've seen lots of benchmarks, but they don't always translate into real world results. I know that laptop parts are weaker, but the i7 3610QM is no faster than my Q6600

I would like some help in choosing a CPU to build my next PC. If the hex core would be approximately 50% faster than a quad core or the AMD, then I am fine going with the hex, but if it's only faster in certain special circumstances like Cinema4D or Maya which can utilize all cores easily, then I would rather get a lesser money option.

Some additional info:

I do not own any games, so I do not care about gaming.

I own a laptop with an i7 3610qm and it is about the same speed as the Q6600 in just about everything. If the laptop chip compares to a desktop Ivy then I am estimating the 4770K (OC) should give me roughly 1.92x performance and the 4930K (OC) approx 2.74x performance. Does that sound right? I have no idea how the FX chips compare however as my last AMD was a Duron 700MHz (which I still use today).

I plan on overclocking regardless. It seems like Ivy-E and AMD would be normal overclockers, however the 4770K may require me to delid the CPU. Please factor that into AMD FX vs 4770K. If they are close in performance (again not gaming, only video related), I would prefer the AMD because I prefer not to delid.

I am considering this be a temp PC until Haswell-E us released and selling the MB, RAM and CPU to get an 8 core (that is if the $600 CPU will be an 8 core).

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read through this long post and I thank anyone in advance that provides any assistance!
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  1. Thank you for the reply. I do this as a part time living. I render about 15 - 20 movie length videos per year.

    When you refer to the i7, do you mean the 4770k or the 4930k? I will be overclocking, however as I stated, I am a little hesitant to delid, especially considering this may be replaced in 7 months or so depending on DDR4 prices (sold to recoup some money).

    For ram, I am getting 32GB regardless of setup and most likely some variation of G.Skill at 1866MHz or possibly corsair vengeance. You mentioned that RAM makes a difference. Does that mean that Quad Channel will render much faster than Dual channel? (Main stream vs Enthusiast)
  2. I went ahead and built a 4930K system. It's faster for editing (may save minutes per day...), but no difference with rendering... It seems like there is a bottleneck somewhere which may be the software itself... 5 minute video takes 8 minutes to render. That's mpeg 2 CBR

    CPU: 4930K
    MB: Gigabyte UP4
    RAM: 16GB Corsair XMS 3 (was in a rush to buy)
    SSD: Samsung 840 Pro
    HDD: Seagate 7200 RPM
    HDD: WD 7200 RPM
    GPU: GTX 580

    Anyone see any issues with the build? CPU utilization is around 30%
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