Nvidia's new Gen release in feb 2014 worth waiting for

was thinking of doing a build in the next two weeks or so with Toxic 280x & i5 4670

But is it worth waiting for Nvidia's new beast, when will this be on shelves? will it be a better price & performance.

learning towards the r9 280x as has 3GB of Vram which might be a thing needed in the future. & the fact that AMD has it's shit inside Next gen console with the API mantle available might make it easier for games to run on "my" 280x down the line when it's half the speed of other GPUs ;)

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  1. My Thoughts?; Your right about whats in them consoles. ;#}
  2. no 1 knows ...every knows maxwell isnt scheduled till q4 of 2014. so far the 700 series have yet to sell .
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    If you can wait then it would be good for you to compare both maxwell GPUs and Radeon R9 graphics cards and select the best card ;)
  4. chrisso said:
    My Thoughts?; Your right about whats in them consoles. ;#}

    Saying that most Steam boxes I've seen have need Nivida, & they also have advanced PhysX
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