Is Nvidia G-SYNC needed on a really strong desktop pc where you dont drop lower than 150 fps on an FPS game?

In other words,are the ASUS ( and BenQ shortly inc.) overpriced monitors (which include G-SYNC) worth it for an FPS gamer or BenQ XL2420TE and ASUS VG248QE with 144hz and 1ms are more than enough?
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    G-sync is going to be helpful later when the PC can't put games out at over 120 fps. And also the monitor should be a long term investment
  2. Thank you for your quick answer,so to sum up,your point is that for now a regular 144hz 1ms monitor will be just fine but for the long term usage - FPS playing you recommend following the g-sync module both monitor and gpu wise?
  3. G-sync is worthless at 150fps, you are better off getting a monitor with good light strobing support and get CRT like motion free gaming. Only downside will be screen tearing. But if and when you come across a game that challenges your video card, G-sync will be the better option, as current light strobing tech shows noticeable flicker when the framerates go below 100
  4. I went with gsync + 144hz + 1ms (AOC G2460PG 24") - for my new rig it will be above 120 fps, but time is ticking and after year or so it will not be kickin at that level. And I dont want to purchase monitors every year :)
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