New PC build for playing planetside2 and bf4, how does it look?

I just recentaly completed a new pc build mainly to play games such as Planetside2 dayZ sa and bf4 when i get enough money to buy it (aint cheap building a pc!). I would like to know if there are any upgrades I should make before taking on games such as bf4 and crysis because i was able to save $300 of my $2000 budget and was wondering where to push it.
(I know that I could push this towards my games but I would prefer to get the best hardware possible before I splurge on a steam sale)

pc specs:
MSI gtx780 lightning
Asus maximus vi hero
16gb g-skill ripjaws (2x8gb)
Intel i5-4670k
thermaltake commander ms-II
wester digital 1tb hard rive black
corsair gs-800
windows 7 enterprise n (32bit)
collermaster hyper 212x
3x lenovo thinkvision monitors
razer death stalker
razer tiamat 2.2
Mad-Catz R.A.T 5
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  1. I added an SSD for the OS and games/apps needing it; made a huge difference.

    Why 32 bit OS?
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    have you already built it? Or completed it as in finalized which parts you're going to get?

    PSU is overkill, your entire system will draw at most about 450W from the wall, and that's under a torture test, even if you give your i5 a supremely high overclock (as high as you can with that cooler at least) you'll never draw over 400W in daily use, get a nice 600or 650W from Seasonic with a gold efficiency rating with that money instead. Ignore this if you plan on SLI.

    Hard Drive is also odd, drop the caviar black (which is a performance drive) for a nice 120 GB samsung SSD, and pair it with a general use Caviar Blue HDD instead, the SSD will run all your important apps like Windows with more performance than the Caviar Black can ever push out, and the Caviar Blue is more than enough for general storage.

    32 bit OS is a nono, get a 64 bit, or some of the hardware you've bought will have gone to waste.

    RAM is somewhere you don't need to put a lot of money into to get a lot of performance, if a 16GB set of mushkin/kingston/corsair is available for less money, take it, the only other things you need to look at are the model line, RAM speed, and timing.

    The motherboard, just imo, is overkill for a single GPU set up, some worthy replacements are the Gigabyte Sniper or the Asrock Fatality, which are both cheaper.

    as for your cooler, if you are satisfied with a modest overclock, then keep it, if you want more, then go for a Noctua D14 or a Phanteks PH-TC14PE, they're top line air coolers.

    TL;DR tighten the budget a bit to make sure no money goes to "waste" (this is all subjective), and get a better storage combo + air cooler
  3. Thanks for the fast reply
    @imaonade 200 i will be able to get a 64bit windows because i have family members who are partnered with microsoft, i do plan on sli later on so will 800 be able to hande 2 overclocked gtx780s? also i plan to get the black because it comes with a longer warranty in regards to the blue,
    thank you
  4. ah i see, well that's good, and yes a 800W will definitely handle SLI 780s, they will draw maybe 500-600W at most from the wall even over clocked, so a good 750 or 800W will do.

    and the caviar black is fine then, you probably won't need an SSD either then, if you can tolerate loading screens at all a regular HDD will be enough.
  5. Thanks everybody
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