USB stops working after Windows 7 wakes up from sleep

Ok, I just built this computer which works great until it wakes up. I can wake computer by clicking mouse, but then mouse and keyboard become unresponsive. Sometimes keyboard will start working but I have to unplug mouse and plug in on another usb port and it takes off working again. I have 4930k process on x79 asrock extreme6 MB. Using Asmedia xfast usb which I believe is only for 3.0 USB ports. I see many have same problem, but everytime I click on the link in search to learn about it, I get an error that says the page cannot be found. I do not understand why every link I click on in here ends in "unsubscribe". well every link pertaining this this.
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  1. Sleeping your computer in general is a bad idea. Setup a screen saver or shut it down. There's plenty of articles on why it's bad, google is your friend on that one.
  2. Saying "Sleeping your computer in general is a bad idea" is rediculous. This is a common and acceptable way of putting a laptop or a desktop computer into a power saving state.

    This problem has been around since the beginning of Win7. The internet is littered with people complaining about this. There are many ideas on potential fixes, but none of them are permanent. I am having the same problem on one of the many Win7 computers I have built and support. I've not been able to resolve it. It is long overdue for Microsoft to fix this. Microsoft are you listening? You (Microsoft) need to step up and repair your reputation and identify and solve this problem.
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