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Just bought this pair of headphones, i have a little problem i hope i will manage to fix it without returning them. Windows just won't detect them no matter how i plug them to pc/laptop (vis usb or jacks). i've googled the problem some had the same problem but apparently they fixed it with an audio stereo adapter but i don't think i can find someting like that in my country and to order them from amazon or whatever... i can't wait that long. Anyone else had this problem or can help me solving this ?
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    One person solved this by doing the following:

    Go into the windows search bar and look up 'find and fix audio problems' and run the wizard
  2. could you link it ? i've tried find and fix audio playback/recording problems but no work still.
  3. I was having the same problem with the same headset. I solved it by plugging in the USB and the jacks at the same time. Seems the USB only provides power, and the jacks only carry the audio signals, so with the USB only, it lights up, but there are no incoming or outgoing signals, and with the jacks only, it gets signals, but receives no power so it doesn't do anything.
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