How much should I spend on a motherboard for an intel i7-4770k

Basically I am asking how much should I spend on a motherboard for an intel i7 - 4770k also I was thinking about a motherboard between £100 or £200 if you think thts the right budget please them me a motherboard for that price
Setup - 8gb of ddr3 ram
1tb x2 hard drive
128gb ssd
gigabyte radeon r9 270x (planing on upgrading to gtx 780 or amd r9 290)
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    take a look at the articles / comparisons here of Z87 boards - there's a bunch to pick from and you might like one or another based purely on layout or port count or even colour. heck, I personally like the ASRock Z87M OC Formula simply because of the yellow accents! (and if I had extra money to blow, i'd use it for a build for no other reason)

    I've used Asus, Gigabyte, and now ASRock, and so far never had issues with any, but always found something I didn't like after a year - mostly due to layout or ports or ability to expand. stuff I basically DIDN'T look at or consider when buying in the first place.
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