AMD FX8350 and EVO Hyper 212

I have owned the EVO 212 for about 2 years now. Originally I was using it on a phenom II x4 955 black edition, and it worked great for me on it.

I've had my FX8350 paired up with for about a year now. Under load I have usually stayed around 60-65 degrees C. I've done a ton of research on this, I've read multiple articles/topics etc... you name it on various times throughout the year. I've seen people claim to get maximum of 55 under load running prime95 with the same setup and processor. I still can't believe it. I've seen plenty of people say that the EVO Hyper 212 is really not a good cooler for the FX8350.

I have reseated the cooler, reapplied thermal paste (Artic silver5), i've tried the original white paste that came with the cooler.... NOTHING WORKS... at least not for the temps I'm getting. The cooler is seated fine, there's little to no room for moving it, (wobbles a little when pushed sideways but it doesnt move up or down left or right and I know this is normal). The screws are in to the limit on the middle screw spot which is for AMD.

I'm attaching a screenshot of AIDA64 showing the sensor information. I was running prime 95 at the time. What I have noticed, it seems that the sensor NEVER goes past 69 degrees C. This same thing happens with Core Temp, so people who would report temperatures of 80 degrees due to unstable setups or the cooler being seated... I can't do that. No matter how much I overclock the beast, or underclock it, It will hit 69 and that's the most it will show on any program.

I'm starting to think it's a faulty sensor and the temperature readings are most likely off or not accurate at all.

As for AIDA64 I'm guessing the non Core CPU reading which is lower than the cores is the Socket temp? Also my VRM1 temp seems kind of high, but then again that seems to be the norm for VRMS specially running such a processor.

With high temps, I've never had stability issue or anything of the sort. I've currently dropped the voltage on the Northbridge and dropped it to 1800mhz instead of the stock 2k NO DIfference at all. (which again i'm starting to think it's a sensor issue). The CPU is running at stock 4k, i've dropped the voltage to .875 instead of the 1.3+. Again no differences when running at load.
The CPU will idle ta around 33 degrees though but again the top temps seem to simply be inaccurate.

My system specs are :

ASROCK 990FX Professional Fatality series
AMD FX8350 @ Stock 4k
Dual 6970's at stock
Currently using 2 types of ram due to faulty corsair RAM which I've yet to get RMA'ed since I get no response from them. So i have a 8gb Corsair vengeance and a 4gb GSKILL (not sure what model) they work fine paired up and I have no system stability issues.

The EVO 212 is setup with a push pull setup, the main cooler that comes with the EVO Is facing the front of the Case and pushes air into the heatsink. I have another CM blade i believe it is, puling air into the back exhaust from the heatsink. There's 2 top exhausts pulling air out. The case is a Sentey Arvina 600. I keep both lids off the case since I do meddle around with my harddrives and whatnot and it's free good ventilation regardless.

My ambient temps are ussually in the 70's, high 60's at most.

I'm sorry to make such a long post but I've been concerned about this for too long and I really don't want to end down blaming the EVO or the CPU for being terrible at their jobs since there is a chance the sensor might be bad.

The mobo has a 12+2 power phase so that shouldn't be an issue for heating.

I'm adding my AIDA64 screenshot for temps:
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  1. I would lean towards faulty sensors as well.

    Strange thing with the newer AMD chips is the temperature sensors are all over the place. I built a FX 6300 based system and it shows idle temps under 10c(21c room) and load temperatures under 40c even at 4ghz(this cpu clearly is not as fast as yours, but you get the idea)

    As for VRM's the rather cheap 970 extreme3 voltage regulators get quite hot(even the caps can burn me under prime load with ease). I am not sure if the board has a copper pad built in to spread this heat but it gets hot even at places that are just traces and not actual components.

    It is stable, but a bit strange.

    To be honest, you get vms's this hot on a video card and do not even think twice about it.
  2. I've tried it both with and without both GPUS. They really don't throw any heat to the top ( I made sure of this by adding fans at the bottom and I've bit coin mined for 3 years so I've always been wary about these things), plus there's plenty of space in the case and the lids are open so plenty of airflow. The temperatures are just complete oddballs. I just recently OC'ed to ~4300 with the voltage at 1.375. It's stable with the prime95 torture test for 15 minutes... Temps didn't go above 68 degrees which is EXTREMELY weird, however I did notice throttling on the CPU in Core temp. AIDA 64 didn't really show much throttling aside from the CPU multiplier suddenly dropping to x7 but just for a split second. The entire ordeal is just odd, I really don't know what's happening, as long as the system is stable though I guess I don't really have much to worry.... except for the fact that many claim that the FX architecture is not designed for temps above 62... which I just believe it's utter bs since I've been running temps above that since i got the chip and so far it hasn't really deteriorated... or burnt out... still shines.
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    Oh also gotta add the VRM's on this board are heatsinked already and I've added two 5kRPM fans from my old AMD Cpus sitting on them, so again that really doens't seem to be a problem.
  4. Coretemp should be accessing the on die sensor. It should not care what board is used.

    Old AMD fans will not spin at 5000 unless the system is warm or at least all the ones I have seen since the first Athlon 64 have a sensor that adjust speed based on temperature.

    I see too much variation on the built in AMD sensors and would recommend keeping the board sensors under about 70 or so and call it a day(the same one the bios uses to monitor the cpu temps).
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Once i'm back state side i'm probably just going to sell my setup or actually try it out on another rig.
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