Eu sites with free games when ordering gtx660 or higher

Nvidia have a promo offering assasins creed 4, batman Arkham and splinter cell blacklist free with gtx660 or higher.
Anyone know any sites eu that have this offer? That deliver to irleland

I'm looking for the 780 and it'd need to be around 230€
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  1. Not going to find a 780 for 230€. But just about any online retailer should have that offer.
  2. I have one for 230€ but it only gives assassins creed and not the others
  3. Congrats on finding one at that price. Depending on when you bought it though that could be why it only came with one game. Contact the retailer you purchased it from maybe?
  4. I haven't bought it, there offer is you only get the three games with the ti..
    I take it I'm not gonna find a better deal then?
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    The only deal they are offering on the Nvidia site anymore is just AC Black Flag. The offer for the other two could have expired over the holidays.
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