Help finding old space game.


I'm looking for an old game i played on PC i think early 2000's. (The game might have come out a while before that though).

You were basically a rocket / spaceship going through 2D colorful terrain (somewhat like caves) and you could fight against another player on the same PC; i don't remember how single-player was. You could only travel for so long before needing to refuel on these metal platforms you needed to land on very carefully. You could go in every direction as well and crash against walls or the other ship.

Unfortunately i don't even remember even a hint of the title.

Thank you very much for your help!!

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  1. That sounds like Descent.
  2. Thank you for the answer Supernova, but that's not the one (Though i see why you picked it after looking at screenshots). It is a 2D game.
  3. It looked something similar to this (better), but i can't seem to find it yet:

  4. Rocket Chase or Kops?
  5. Hi Matildda!

    Those 2 definitely get much closer than most game i've found, but unfortunately none of them are the one i'm looking for :(

    I really appreciate the help though!
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