Monitor upgrade question.

I have a 19 inch 1600x900 monitor. Need to know if it would be a wast to get on that is a little bigger and 1080p or should I just save up and get a 1440p one. I know I'll have to upgrade my parts. Currently I have a gtx 660 sc and fx 6300 (4.1 oc)
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    I would save up and get a 1440p. 1080p would be good, but if you're already at 900p, you won't see too much of a difference in games.
  2. Thanks. What gpu should I get. I'm guessing a gtx 660 won't be good enuf.
  3. Ehh, depends on what quality graphics you want to run lol 660 would probably be too weak though. A 770 or 280x and up should do you just fine though.
  4. Thank you much
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