Can't connect to the internet through wifi or ethernet


I woke up this morning and have been unable to connect to the internet through ethernet or wifi on my laptop, I've tried safe mode with networking, disabling firewalls, and resetting my router.

All other computers in my house can connect just fine, and my system tray says that it's connected, I just cant connect to skype, webpages, anything. I can't think of anything that is new to my computer that would have caused this, but I don't have any previous points to system restore to either, so it's really frustrating me.

Any and all help that can be given will be massively appreciated, I have important deadlines coming up, and your help will stop me from committing laptop homicide.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. What firewall are you using? try exiting the firewall, ending the firewall process in task manager(ctrl+alt+del) and any firewall services running (Run>Services.msc).

    Check control panel>internet options>connections and see that there is nothing suspicious in there.

    It might also be worth doing a spyware/trojan scan using malwarebytes AND spybot.

    If none of this works, try uninstalling both adapter drivers (right click my computer>properties>device manager), restart and reinstall them from your manufacturer website.

    Report back here when done.
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