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New build advice needed

Last response: in Components
January 16, 2014 1:34:26 PM

Hey all, i've been reading through the forums and seeing what others are building but now i'm totally confused as to what i should get.

I need a pc that will last approx 3yrs, i WON'T be using it for gaming at all. I need it to run Word, Excel, IE, Firefox and about 4 further applications all at the same time. At the moment i have an i3-530 in my pc and whilst i used to be great it's got slow over the years and i think it is due for retirement.

Just by having read the forums i have compiled a list of things i THINK would suit my needs, BUT inn reality i think what i am about to list is the kind of rig a gamer would love!

CPU - i7-3770K or 4770K (£5 difference at the moment)
M/B - MSI GD65 Gaming
SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 256gb
HDD - WD Black 1tb
GPU - EVGA GTX 760 or MSI GTX 760
Memory - G Skill 2x 8GB PC3-19200 DDR3 2400MHz Gaming Memory Kit
(OR Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory)
Case - CM Storm Trooper - LOVE this case!
OS - WIN 7 (already owned)
Cooling - Noctua NH-D14

All the above comes in at around £1k approx, i can afford to spend that BUT i'm not sure i want to spend that and have buyers remorse after it!! Ideally i'd be happy in the £500-600 mark if possible.

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January 16, 2014 1:40:55 PM

You do not need an i7 or 16GB of RAM for your stated uses of the system. An i5 and 8GB of RAM is plenty for your intended use. If you will not be doing any gaming on the system then you really don't need a GPU. You can get a CPU that has an integrated GPU that can be used for basic use.
January 16, 2014 1:52:30 PM

I put together a build that really is overkill for your use, but will give you a bit less sticker shock than the build you posted. You said you have Windows 7 already. Has it been used on a system before? Windows 7 can only be activated on one system. I included Windows 8.1 in my build as I really think any new build should include the latest OS.

[PCPartPicker part list]( / [Price breakdown by merchant]( / [Benchmarks](

**CPU** | [Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor]( | £167.99 @ Aria PC
**CPU Cooler** | [Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler]( | £23.90 @ Ebuyer
**Motherboard** | [Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H ATX LGA1150 Motherboard]( | £121.00 @ Amazon UK
**Memory** | [G.Skill Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory]( | £68.72 @ Amazon UK
**Storage** | [Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB 2.5" Solid State Disk]( | £163.00 @ Amazon UK
**Storage** | [Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive]( | £61.64 @ Aria PC
**Case** | [Cooler Master Storm Trooper ATX Full Tower Case]( | £124.16 @ CCL Computers
**Power Supply** | [SeaSonic 450W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply]( | £82.83 @ Amazon UK
**Optical Drive** | [Samsung SH-224DB/BEBE DVD/CD Writer]( | £11.98 @ Ebuyer
**Operating System** | [Microsoft Windows 8.1 - OEM (64-bit)]( | £81.50 @ Amazon UK
| | **Total**
| Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. | £906.72
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-01-16 21:50 GMT+0000 |
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January 16, 2014 2:52:03 PM


Thanks for your input, much appreciated! I thought that the i7 was better than the i5 because of its threading given that i'll be running multiple applications at the same time kind of thing. I was unaware that WIN 7 could only be activated on 1 system, i thought since i will no longer be using my old pc i could use it on my new pc.
January 16, 2014 3:01:41 PM

Your use won't really benefit from hyperthreading. Feel free to get an i7, but you won't notice a difference between it and an i5. An i5 is more than enough to run a bunch of applications at the same time. None of the applications you listed are very resource hungry. In fact, I'm surprised you're so unhappy with your i3. My guess would be maybe you have a virus or something slowing down your current system. An i3 should work just fine for the type of work you do on your system.

Microsoft changed the rules with Windows 8 so that it works like you assumed Windows 7 would work. Windows 7 can only be used on one system. Windows 8 can be moved to a different system as long is it is only active on one system at a time.
January 17, 2014 1:39:11 PM

i've had a bit of a think about your comments about the i-3 being good enough. I decided to have a look at how much my memory was being used and i saw that of 4gb avail i was only being left with 125mb with all my usual progs running. Also checked the hdd and it is pretty much full of movies and only 14gb space left. So i've decided i'll take a step half way and see if a few minor upgrades do the trick, if they don't then all is not lost as these items would be used in another build. I've got me more ram to begin with, i'll replace these 4gb with 8gb, i've also gone with a ssd and the wd black hdd.
January 17, 2014 1:40:17 PM

forgot to mention my pc is free of any virus or spyware or trojans. Also should i clone my current hdd and put it on the ssd or not?
January 17, 2014 1:48:28 PM

I think you'll be happy with the performance difference from added RAM and an SSD.

dagsky said:
forgot to mention my pc is free of any virus or spyware or trojans. Also should i clone my current hdd and put it on the ssd or not?

That's up to you. A fresh install would be best, but if you don't feel like setting up the OS again then you could clone the drive.

There are some additional tweaks you can do when running an SSD. This thread and the links in it should be a good read for you. :)