Samsung 840 EVO 120Gb Low Read Speed and High Write Speed

I upgraded Samsung Magician to the newest version and after that i got really bad Score of my SSD.
The Read speed is much lover and Write speed is a bit big
Here are images

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  1. you should enable rapid mode and set performance mode for the os optimizations. try the test after that

    edit: and run a performance optimization before you test
  2. Have you performed all the optimization's via the applet? What about over provisioning, has that been set? Have you also set the drive to Rapid Mode as well?
  3. Thank you guys for answer.
    I did OS Optimization and Performance Optimization but still same score.I m not sure about Enabling RAPID mode , maybe its gonna make my SSD life Shorter ?

    I didnt touch OP and what is Applet?
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    you can enable rapid mode, it's just allocating some ram to speed up ssd writes/reads. no impact on the ssd lifetime.

    check also in task manager \ resource manager, disk tab if there's any background app working with the ssd while you test
  5. OK thanks for help
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