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ok, so i just got ATV Offroad fury 2 on my pcsx2 emulator. It was my first game, so this was to determine if i installed the bios and plugins correctly. When i first started the game it had its intro sequence, which ran at the perfect speed without any lagging problems. However, the instant the main menu came up the game itself would randomly slow waaay down, and speed right back up to about 300% normal speed. it kept doing this cycle for a looong time. Now, i know for a fact, that it has nothing to do with my computer specs, because i can run skyrim maxed out and still maintain at least 45 fps. So what i did next was to look into the graphics settings and make sure that the speed was at 100%, and it was. So can someone please tell me how to fix this. I really want to play one of my childhood games again.
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  1. You wont get any assistance here with emulation, its piracy any way you look at it. You can buy a PS2 for what? $30 used?
  2. How in the world is emulation "piracy anyway you look at it"??? If you own the console and you own the game you have EVERY right to run an emulated version of it on a PC.

    Anyway... just because your PC can run skyrim well does not mean it can run PCSX2 well. Skyrim is a written in native code for the PC, PCSX2 on the other hand has to first translate the playstation 2 code into something that your PC can understand and run. This takes a tremendous amount of processing power and needs a fairly beefy current gen gaming PC to run most games well.

    You might want to post your PC specs and that can help determine if in fact your hardware is enough to run PCSX2 well.
  3. My specs:
    AMD FX-4100 cpu (3.7GHz)
    Saphire Radeon 7850
    8Gbs RAM
    gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2 MOBO
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