The best gaming pc for under 800. Pre built

Im looking for a gaming pc with a monitor but now mouse or keyboard if possible for around $600-$800. Pre Built
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  1. You should also consider buying the monitor and pre-built separately to expand your options. There are also some really great USED systems around.

    $600 is too low when including the monitor. $800 is probably the minimum. Assuming United States, I'll see roughly what's available.

    Concentrate on:
    1) Best graphics card
    2) FX-6300 CPU (probably best value)
    3) Customer reviews
  2. The above system has a GT610 1GB graphics card. That's a horrible card for a gaming system.

    Are you recommending he buy that and add his own? If so, there's no guarantee the Power Supply supports a good card since we don't know the details.
  3. It's hard to find a system for $650 that is a "gaming" PC (I left $150 for monitor). There's simply not enough money for a good graphics card at this budget. The best I've found (though there is likely better somewhere) is this:

    It's an older quad-core CPU that's still not bad for the budget, and a GTX650 graphics card.
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    If you're willing to put it together (it can be really rewarding and it's not as hard as many think), I came up with a really great PC for the budget:

    $757 PC:

    - 1920x1080 monitor
    - FX-6300
    - GTX650Ti graphics (2GB of VRAM)
    - 8GB DDR3 memory
    - Windows 8.1 64-bit
    - Micro-ATX case, and micro-ATX motherboard

    NOT included: keyboard and mouse (pick your own)

    WHY I chose these parts:
    I tried to build something with good QUALITY, that allowed a FX-6300 CPU, 8GB DDR3 memory and also a good graphics card. The FX-4300 is almost as good currently, but the FX-6300 has SIX cores and future games will benefit from these much more.

    I don't see any compatibility issues (graphics card uses 1x6-pin connector which the Power Supply has). ATX case has USB3 which motherboard has.

    I would have added a $30 cooler for the CPU but it didn't leave enough money for a basic keyboard mouse (Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO recommended).

    Windows 8 is better than Windows 7, but get Start8 ($5) to bypass the new interface if you wish.

    I can't find a pre-built that's as good as this. In addition, a pre-built Warranty requires you to send the entire thing back for any issues.
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