Computer turning on and off repeatedly; CPU probably to blame

So I bought an i7-4770k, opened up my computer, took out the i5-2500k, and then, like a derp, realized that I'd forgotten to check the socket type. That's no problem since I needed a new motherboard anyway.

Problem is, I stuck the 2500k back in there, and now the computer won't boot. I press power, and it turns on for a second, and then turns off, and then does this continuously. I know it's not the PSU because the video card's still getting power, and the PSU is brand new as of yesterday and was working fine then (to the point of powering some very demanding games).

The computer does the same restart problem both with everything plugged in, and "naked"--mobo, CPU, GPU (I also took out the RAM).

Now, word on the street is that this is symptomatic of me frying my processor. E.g., the heatsink didn't do its job and the computer cooked it on the very first boot. I know I put the heatsink back on properly after putting the 2500k back in its place. But, seeing as how I hadn't replaced the thermal gel in 2.5 years, is it possible that the heatsink's being exposed to open air for about 10 minutes suddenly did it in?

Again, I need to get a new mono and I already have the new processor, so I don't particularly care if the old one's fried, but I'd like to know what the cause is so I don't repeat this.

*edit* Oh, and the CPU fan and PWR fan are definitely plugged in. For a bit, I thought maybe the CPU wasn't getting power, but it definitely "notices" if the 4-pin isn't plugged shuts off instantaneously, instead of after 2 seconds. So I don't think that's the issue, especially since I put in a new wire.

And to clarify: at no point did I ever boot the computer without the heatsink attached. I know other people have done that and had a bad time, but my heatsink was definitely locked in, flush with the processor's back, screwed into place, etc.
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    Did you actually physically try to insert the 4470K into the old motherboard? If so you probably bent some pins in the socket on the motherboard.
  2. shortstuff_mt said:
    Did you actually physically try to insert the 4470K into the old motherboard? If so you probably bent some pins in the socket on the motherboard.

    Fortunately, no. I sort of set it on there and was like "huh, oh" and took it out.

    Uff, why does this say solved. We don't know that this is solved; I haven't tried using a different motherboard yet.

    Unless, of course, the pins are even more delicate than I had imagined and being touched by something other than the right processor will break them.
  3. Would Doubt it been the CPU pins as I had the same issue not too long ago I had the unfortunate time of trial and error an took most I my components out and placed them back in one by one and my problem was my GPU everything would power up un till I plugged my GPU back in took it back out left it over night put it back in and magically worked no problems since
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