Overclocking AMD Fx 6100 frame rate goes down

So I recently bought a new Cooler master Hyper 212 evo so I could overclock my cpu. I did this all fine and programs run faster but when I play games my average fps is way down. I am running at temperatures around 28 to 35 degrees. I have my cpu overclocked to 3.9 ghz (riginally at 3.3 GHz. I have no idea what is happening as this is really confusing me. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Did you ensure that your overclock is stable? If you haven't passed 10 runs on Intel Burn Test and/or 12 hours doing Small FFTs in Prime95, you can't be sure you're entirely stable.
  2. Games are a poor benchmark.

    Use 3D Mark or any other actual benchmarking program so your results are accurate. You'll want a real CPU benchmark.

    I prefer the 3D Mark Vantage CPU tests.

    But yes, you can actually lose performance from a bad overclock if it's not stable. You may need to increase the voltage a little.

    If you do not have good RAM, your RAM can actually be failing at the higher clock speeds.

    Are you increasing the Front Speed Bus or the Multiplier?
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    Go back to the ORIGINAL CPU frequency, find a repeatable scenario or benchmark to establish a score, then test while raising the frequency.

    There's something WRONG with the temperature reported if that's 35degC max during actual game play. It would be far higher than that. It sounds like you are reporting IDLE temp.

    I really can't understand why you'd have a problem though. I'm very surprised that games would run noticeably slower.

    Have you gone back into the BIOS to confirm your PC didn't have issues and downclock you?
  4. Yes I am reporting idle temp my temp in game is around 45 degrees. Also I have run prime 95 for around 8 hours.
  5. 45 is too cold. You are not looking at the right temperature.
  6. It might be higher but I cannot look now because I am not home. it is higher when I run prime95 though.
  7. 45 is not too cold. For in game usage with a good cooler, that's a perfectly likely temperature.
  8. Like I said I have 212 evo
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