hp pavilion a1623w will not boot out from bios logging screen

HP pavilion a1623w
The system will boot and attempt to load xp and then shows american megatrends bios info and starts to scan for the hardware configs

Tried bios reset trick, no change
(removed motherboard battery, held power button, restart comp.)
Cannot get anything to work
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  1. Can you get into the BIOS configuration?

    Try booting off a CD or USB key. Could be a dead HD.
  2. cannot access bios config at all, it is not dead hdd either, already looked into that
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    If you can't boot bios, it's something hardware. Maybe your motherboard. Disconnect some things (like the HD) and see what it does.
  4. figured it out, after cleaning the dust out, a thick layer, hooked up hdd to 2nd computer and did a scan and fix and checked for bad sectors, comp. boots now
  5. Good job, sometimes the simplest things can cause the biggest problems.
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