Please Help: Fresh Windows 7 install failed my new SSD, can not start installation again

I just installed upgrades on my PC, including a new ASRock z87 mobo and a new i7 4770k.

I also got a new OCZ 480gb SSD.
Apparently, there was an unexpected error while I was installing Windows 7 on CD, and it keeps looping to the error message, "there was an unexpected error, ok to restart computer and restart installation."

However, every time I press ok to restart, it tries to restart but loops back to the error message.

I try to boot from my DVD drive through BIOS, but again, it just brings me back to the error message.

I would at least like to try and back to the beginning of the installation to try again.

Any tips?
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  1. power down the pc..turn the power switch off and clear the cmos. then power up the pc see if you cna boot from the cd if it errors out again. power down and put the ssd in another pc and run the secure erase. then update the drives firmware and the motherboard bios and make sure the sata ports set to achi. and your ram set to xmp profile. also make sure the ssd on the intel sata ports.
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