is 4 gig enouth for Windows 8

I need a laptop for Windows office seen a reasonable price laptop ifs windows 8 with 4 gig memory will this be enough memory? Will it run ok? I don't know much about laptops going to be using it for college. Thanks.
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  1. If your not gaming should run just fine for you they wouldn't sale a pc that didn't have the bare min on the market..
  2. 4 Gig is a lot for general tasks, for school work etc its fine.
  3. You can run Win 8 w/ 4GB but prob won't be real happy w/ it, most prebuilt computers these days come with 6-8GB
  4. For college stuff it'll probably be fine. The only time you might run into issues is if you have a lot of stuff open at once. I would try to get one with 6-8 if at all possible though, just so that you don't really feel the need to upgrade later.
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