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I was interested in using my PCI express x1 slots on my motherboard, but I don't really need additional usb ports or anything of that nature. I would also definitely prefer to use my PCI express x16 for a video card. Also my motherboard already has great onboard sound options so I really don't need that either. I was hoping that people could make suggestions or just tell me what is out there for PCIe x1 add on cards. I'm looking for something interesting that I don't already have available if possible, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. So you don't NEED anything but you want suggestions on what to add?

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    You have enough USB 3.0 ports? How about sata 6? Or esata? Need wifi?
  3. I'm basically asking if there are any interesting or unique options for PCI express x1. I guess an eSATA wouldn't be a bad idea since i don't have any on board. Maybe WiFi too. Thanks TriBeard. I'll pick yours as the solution if I don't get any other answers i like better soon.
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