Is used graphics card a bad idea?

Very simply,
I am trying to save as much money as possible and I was wondering if it was a bad idea to buy a used graphics card?
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    I have bought used computer stuff off ebay before with no issues. If you are buying off ebay you are protected with ebay inssurance. If buying localy off of someone just make sure it is working. Make sure there is no burnt smell coming from the card. Asked if its been overclocked. Its up to you in the end though just do as much research on the item before pressing on with it.
  2. Not a bad idea at all, just make sure they can prove to you that the card works without hiccup at all. this will include getting them to run a stress test in your presence, and having some sort of gpu monitoring software running while the stress test is going on.

    if temps look normal and the stress test does not fail after about 15 minutes, then it's probably not that bad of an idea to buy used. (buying used online is more of a gamble, but if there is any kind of garuntee then you might be alright...
  3. Thanks for both of your opinions guys. I only picked djkillz answer as the solution because he was the first to answer, but if i could have picked 2 solutions i would have.

    Thanks again
  4. oh and Brantyn Gerik I love your quote
    "Don't buy what fanboys tell you to, do your research and buy what is best for your needs AND budget"

    I have the same opinion as you do and feel very strongly that people almost always overbuy based on an obsession with things that they do not need at all. haha
  5. np, haha i woulda answered sooner but i forgot to hit submit XD totally fair of the other guy to get the solution :) Hope the new hardware works out for you :) if not, be sure to make as much trouble for the seller as possible
  6. It should. I found a XFX Radeon HD 5770 Extreme Graphics card for $60 on Craigslist. I'm gonna offer $50, but it was sold for $190 on Newegg 2 years ago and is a pretty beast card. I'm excited.
  7. for the price you can't go wrong with that at all.
    the new card generation-wise is the 7770 which can be had for as low as $130 if you ever feel like spending more money (this card is the current "best price:performance ratio card) Or if you ever find a 7790 on sale, that one becomes the new price:performance king (just in case you wanted more info :P)

    nvidia really doesnt compete in this low price range for performance.
  8. buy only gtx 600series or hd 7000 series
  9. I'm honestly not picky at all. I'm not one for material things. Medium setting makes me more than happy enough and if I can get something that will run games at even higher settings that's just a plus. I will never be someone that need super high frame rates and ultra high settings. I would rather spend that extra money on a vacation or taking a nice girl out on a date. :p
  10. Haha you have great priorities ;D i have both priorities and i can tell you, it's hard being a full time student, having a girlfriend, and being a "graphics whore". Maybe someday i'll learn lol :P
  11. Lol "being a graphics whore" Nice.
  12. If you are short on cash buying second hand isnt always the best option. People do all sorts with their graphics cards and although you get some protection with ebay buying second hand, when you buy new, you get full consumer protection (just make sure you are buying new from a reputable company with great customer service and returns policy) OFC you get additional protection in many countries if you buy new and pay by CCard too !

    This is a different example but a new monitor with a three year guarantee versus a second hand one for not enough $ less and 40 day guarantee .. the choice should be obvious.

    Manufacturers expect a higher % of returns on electronics these days because it is cheaper to replace than quality control to a more rigorous standard. That means they are shipping more product that can develop faults too.

    When you buy second hand and everything is fine it is great but when you bought new and something goes wrong you are always very glad you did buy new.

    When you have more $$ when a gamble doesnt pay off you can take the hit.

    I have certainly bought plenty of second hand graphics cards ( I used to run over 20 pcs 24/7 all running games) and I have had few problems so....

    And the trick my friend is to get the girl to take you out on a date....
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