400W GPU on stock 300W HP PSU

im using a gtx 650 on a hp stock 320w psu and its working fine. No sounds smoke or anything. i'm playing all games on high ultra etc like bf4 crysis, for about 4 days and on. so can i still still go on like this for a week.
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    Should be fine for a short period but a stronger replacement should be installed as soon as is reasonably possible.
    Not sure of HP quality, but many OEMs use cheap units which often lack the failsafe protection found in more expensive parts.
    When they fail they can, in some circumstances, damage other parts of the system (CPU, motherboard etc).
  2. I wouldn't. If the gpu says it is 400w recommended, Get at least 400w. And especially with that stock HP psu. Get a SeaSonic, Corsair, or XFX unit, 450watt 80+ Bronze or better.
  3. Drop 60$ on a better PSU just to be safe, the PSU can ruin your whole system and even explode at extreme cases.
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