CPU Fan error, press F1, to continue

Hello guys,

Maybe someone can help me....
I have my new computer since yesterday, but Im having some problems, when I turn on my computer I get the error "CPU Fan error, press F1, to continue".
After some googling, I have found out that probably the bord or cpu have the default cooler the "stock cooler" and I have the NOCTUA NH-U12S U-TYPE.

My board:

INTEL CORE i7 4770K (3.5GHZ) SKT 1150

I know that this is happening because the RPM is around 400 when needs to be above 600.

There is some ways to fix this issue like:
- change in BIOS to ignore this
- change in BIOS to modify 600 to 300

My question, do you suggest making this change in BIOS? Will the low RPM not affect the performance of my computer?
I was thinking in remove the NOCTUA NH-U12S U-TYPE and add the original cooler that come with my CPU... is this a better solution and will fix my RPM and will have a better temperature with the original?

Here are some photos of temperatures and case:

What do you think about this temperatures?
About the last photo, the cooler fan is too close to the case fan. Is this an problem? The other side I have the RAM sticks...

Asus source:
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  1. Obviously ignore option is worse than lowering rmp alert limit. If you cooler actually fails you will at least know it happened. Logic tells me lowering rpm limit wont change anything with cpu performance, its rather an infromation then an active process. On the other hand nowadays CPU's have build in thermal limiters so even if it will be overheating in any case, it will limit its speed as a protection or shut down in extremal situation.

    Your temps shown in bios has almost none information value since the CPU is working on IDLE state, go for some real test and monitor temperatures.
    I cant see any reason why would you want to swap back to original cooler, except the fact that at this moment its making some weird and illogical alerts which i believe can be handled in few seconds.
  2. Best answer
    Why not change it in Fan Speed Control? CPU Fan Low Limit can be set to Ignore, 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600 RPM (the default value). Just set it to 400 RPM and you'll no longer get an error at POST.
  3. Thank you guys, problem solved :)
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