Gaming PC sometimes fails to boot (No monitor signal) and reboots itself

So recently I bought my own rig with the following specs:

vga: sapphire r9-270x
cpu: intel i5
mobo: gigabyte g1 sniper b5
ram: 1x4 gskills ddr3 (4gb)
psu: Seasonic S12 520w 80+bronze

So here's my issue: My PC sometimes fails to boot (monitor just turns black) and reboots itself for a few times. Also, when I turn my computer into sleep mode, and I tried waking it up (moving the mouse, pressing the keyboard) it won't wake up. What seems to be the problem? Thanks in advance!

Note that this occurs only once in every three times I start my pc. If I get to start it, there seems to be no problem at all.
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