r7 260x compatible with AMD A10-6800K apu (crossfire) ?

Hello Everyone,

Now i have A10-6800K processor and im going to buy a new VGA soon isa

So i want to ask if R7 260x 2 GB DDR5 will do Crossfire with the internal VGA or not ?

If it won't crossfire what is the best VGA compatible with that and will crossfire perfectly for High/Ultra preformance (BF4-Bioshok inf-BM arkham)

Knowing, my monitor Samsung 19 inch, MotherBoard A88 Gigabyte, RAM 2x4 2400mhz and my budget 120~150$ ..

Thx :)
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    Nope, at least I don't think so, because those two are different GPU architectures.

    I think your best bet would be asking AMD support directly.
  2. The HD 6670 is the recommended card for a dual graphics set up with that processor. The R7 GPUs will not work.
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