CPU power connector doesn't fit.

Hi, so I've recently purchased all of my parts for my PC and I began to build it when I realised that my PSU cables do not fit in to my motherboard's CPU socket.

The motherboard socket looks like this:

And the PSU cable looks like this:

Sorry if these are bad pictures, I just found them on the internet.
Also, sorry if this is a noob question, it is my first build.
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  1. See how only one of the 2*4 pin connectors fits and the other doesn't? Help would be appreciated.
  2. Can you give us the model of the PSU, motherboard and CPU?

    If your CPU is a lower tier, you can run it with only 1 connector. I have run a Pentium G or and I3 with only 1 x 4pi plugged in. But when I put an I7 - just for the sake of it, I tried, and it didn't run - the I7 required both of them to be plugged.
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    push them together they need to be one.they clip and unclip.clip them together.
    the yelow wires with the plastic detatch on the top row and black on the botom.
  4. I'm using a M5A97 EVO 2.0 mobo and an AMD FX-8350.

    Turns out I'm an idiot, even though the cable has a rounded one rather than a square one it still fits...
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