Intel HD 2500 or 4000? What is my graphics?

Intel® Core™ i5-3330 Processor(6M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz)

I have the above processor.In Intel Driver Software properties it says i have Intel HD 2500.
But the salesman who i bought this precessor from says "it's actually Intel HD 4000,when you dont run any big software or any high end games it's clock speed will be 3.0GHz with Intel HD 2500 and when you run high end games or softwares it will go upto 3.20 GHz thereby becoming Intel HD 4000".

So i am confused ,what is my graphics and what softwares and games can i run?
Can i run Maya,3ds Max and games like COD Black Ops,Batman Arkham Asylum...

Kindly help me
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  1. It doesn't magically transform itself into HD 4000. The 3.20Ghz is the CPU, not the graphics subsystem.

    Bottom line - never believe a salesman.
  2. HD Graphics 4000 has 16 Execute Units. HD Graphics 2500 has 6 Execute Units. So regardless of clocks, HD Graphics 2500 is going to be MUCH slower than HD Graphics 4000.

    This is why you never, ever, ever listen to salespeople.
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    USAFRet said:

    Bottom line - never believe a salesman.

    Anonymous said:

    This is why you never, ever, ever listen to salespeople.

    I second that. :)

    Anyway, iv'e got a laptop that I don't use much with that same graphics, and I wouldn't recommend using it for much other than light gaming and Google Sketchup. Get a gpu.
  4. Noway to believe salespeople because when i went to buy a new card upgrading from 5570 to get 7950 He kept saying that the 5450 is one of the best cards and kept mocking me,But since i knew about lots of card i didnt buy from him anything.

    End of story Take this advice never believe what any salesmen.
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