Best gaming pc under $300 excluding hdd,ram,processor,os

Want to build a gaming pc to play games at max setting at 720p resolution
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  1. Well, What processor do you have, or want to use? The processor dictates what motherboards can be used. You've excluded everything but the motherboard, graphics, and optical drives.
  2. Well we would need more info than that, what HDD, RAM, Processor and OS do you already have? Motherboard needed?
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    I'm going to assume here you are looking for a recommendation for a quality PSU and a mid-range graphics card.

    For graphics, I don't see the need to go any better than an AMD HD7780 or an NVidia GTX 650ti.
    For a PSU, I'll suggest the Corsair CX500M or XFX 550 Pro, either should perform well.
  4. I3 first generation,500gb,4gbram1333mhz,win7
  5. How to keep my psu cool
  6. I honestly wouldn't know man, they don't even sell LGA1156 motherboards on except some expensive ones.
  7. for just mobo, cpu, and gpu:

    Fx6300 ($110)
    970 Mobo ($70)
    GTX 650ti or HD7850 or R9 270
  8. rj666killer said:
    How to keep my psu cool

    Depends upon your case, if the case allows for it, mount the PSU so that it gets fresh air into the intake fan from outside of the case. If the case does not allow for mounting that way, you'll probably want to look into increasing your case airflow
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