Old DVD player to New Home Audio ?

Hi everyone , I have a very old DVD player back from 2006 and I have 2.1 Computer Speakers .

I don't use them but I have an Idea , The DVD players does not have any 3.5mm Jack to Connect my Speakers but It has a RCA just ( Quite Similar to 3.5mm but a Lot Thicker )

I've just found a RCA to 3.5mm Jack Converter and I wanted to know Will I be Able to Run my Speakers with my Old DVD player ?

I want to Insert my DVD's and CD's of Song into my DVD player and Play then with my Speaker .

Will my Idea Work ? Please Answer .
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  1. Doubtful that will work. But you could just try it an see.
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    If you 2.1 speaker system is self powered then it will work for sure. If not it will produce some sound but the DVD doesn't have a volume control so you won't be able to adjust the volume.
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