Dell XPS 9100 - upgrade Mobo possible?

I have a 2011 Dell XPS 9100 machine. Great gaming rig but only support SATA 2. Would like to put a SATA3 mobo in there but realize I am limited by my processor and socket and possibly other Dell proprietary issues on current mobo.

The OEM board is a Dell (Intel?) 5DN3X

Y5K9X 1 Module, Processor, I7-930, 2.8, Bloomfield, XPS DT
8HK1K 1 Processor, I7-930, 2.8, 8MB, Bloomfield, D0

I don't know where to start finding a replacement. Any pointers to get me going?

OR would it just be easier to get a 0 PCI-Express 2.0 x1 SATA III controller card? I read that the controller cards are a bit more problematic than the mobo - plus I like the project idea of replacing by board ;^)
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  1. The difference between SATA II and SATA III aren't worth a mobo upgrade. But yes, you can upgrade the mobo if you really want to. It has to be an LGA 1366 socket, and the form factor has to be the same as the current mobo.
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