AMD Fx-8320 come with pre-applied thermal paste?

Hello, so when I built my PC, I forgot to a apply thermal paste on the CPU. I heard it is really important to have. I read that some CPU's came with pre-applied thermal paste, but I never got a definitive answer for my specific CPU. Before I freak out, does the AMD Fx-8320 come with pre-applied thermal paste? If yes, should I worry about thermal paste? If no, then I'd know what to do. Thanks guys in advance.
Btw, I bought it off of newegg if that matters at all.
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    If you used the stock cooler, there was paste on it. The paste is pre-applied on the cooler. I bought my FX-8320 from Microcenter, and that's how it came (although I used my own cooler, a Xigmatek Gaia).
  2. The std cooler comes with a preapplied paste!
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