Does the sapphire R9 280x dual x 3GB worth buying

Hello there
I am thinking of buying the 280x but the problem is the I dont see reviews for the card ,no one is talking about it ,not like the gtx 760 that has so many reviews and videos ,so I need opinions about the card.
Does it has any issues?
How about its power consumption, temperature and noise ?
Has anyone got the card and regret it ?
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    I have it. And no I don't regret it.

    But let me explain why I chose it. First off there are 3 Sapphire 280x models. The Dual-X is the low end one. Also the 7970 was, and is, an excellent GPU; so simply changing the label to a 280x isn't much of a change and I gladly paid $315 for a 7970. A Toxic one would be great but kind of overkill in my opinion($50 more), so I wanted one that ran cool and quiet and so far my Dual-X has done so @1100MHz.

    What helped me decide was the price and the 7970 Dual-X reviews. And I wanted a mild overclock since at stock the 7970 can max out BF4. What more do you need?

    The closest one I see is the Vapor X! You can check its perfomance in that review, but I'd get the Toxic *-*
  3. There is plenty of reviews of the R9 280X maybe not so many of that specific card but here
    It is a good card!
  4. As a Dual-X owner, I know there are 0 reviews of that model. Obviously we know there are plenty of Toxic reviews and less so Vapor but we can't find any Dual-X reviews.

    Please post a real review if you guys find one.
  5. Lack of reviews is because it is not exactly new card like the GTX760 so less excitement. It is basically a renamed and tweaked HD7970 GHz edition which had plenty of reviews. Being that it is a tried and tested card!
  6. thanks everyone
  7. What'd you decide? Hope you join the Dual-X club, it rips through all games.
  8. I am getting the card this week
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